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June Newsletter


First of Three New PSO Wind Farms Begins Commercial Operation

There are more wind-generated electrons on PSO’s grid than ever before thanks to Sundance – PSO’s newest wind farm – that came online in April. Located in Woods County northwest of Aline, Sundance is the first of three new Oklahoma wind farms that will provide clean energy to PSO customers. Read More...

Fast Charging Delivers Performance and Savings for Electric Forklifts

Over the last 25 years, sales of electric lift trucks have grown from less than one-third of annual lift truck sales to more than half of annual sales. Class I forklifts, like those used in manufacturing, warehouse and retail applications, are incorporating new technologies to increase performance and usability while providing lower operating costs for customers. Read More...

Demand Response: Shifting Energy Use to Support Communities and Earn Cash Incentives

Business demand response programs allow utilities to reward commercial and industrial customers with cash incentives for voluntarily lowering energy consumption during high-energy demand days. Businesses, educational facilities, and municipalities can all participate in the effort to reduce demand. Read More...

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