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Public Service Company of Oklahoma Electric Rates

Public Service Company of Oklahoma provides Internet access to its state jurisdictional tariff documents for the convenience of its customers. Public Service Company of Oklahoma makes no warranty that a particular tariff/schedule chosen by a customer is available to or suitable for that customer. Customers are encouraged to contact Public Service Company of Oklahoma directly to ensure the applicability of a desired tariff/schedule for their service requirements.

These tariffs are available only to customers of Public Service of Oklahoma, which is registered to do business in Oklahoma as American Electric Power. If you have questions about these tariffs, please contact AEP customer service at 888.216.3490.

We also offer the following spreadsheet as an easier way to calculate your bill.

Reactive Power Charge Q&A

The Reactive Power (KVAR) Charge is a charge for "non-working" power, or power that has to be made up due to inefficiencies at the customer's load source. The level of inefficiency is called the power factor and is expressed as a percentage. For example, a power factor of 70 percent means of the total current supplied, only 70 percent is actually doing work; the remaining 30 percent is non-working, or reactive, power that must be made up by the utility.

Customers with a monthly power factor of 96% or better do not pay Reactive Power (KVAR) Charges (measured in KVAR or KiloVolt-Ampere Reactive). However, customers with a power factor below 96% will continue to be assessed the Reactive Power (KVAR) Charge.

Although the Power Factor percentage can be calculated from data on your bill (using metered KVAR and kW data) the quantity of reactive energy you are being charged for - has already been calculated under "ADJUSTED USAGE" found at the bottom of your bill.

The data is located at the bottom of your PSO bill. Make sure you are looking at section ADJUSTED USAGE (see below):

This means your power factor is at 96% or above and you are not being charged a Reactive Power (KVAR) Charge this month.

Some examples are: motors, lighting ballasts and step down transformers.

Equipment can be installed by qualified engineers or electrical contractors to correct your power factor and thereby reduce or eliminate the Reactive Power (KVAR) Charge.

Greater system efficiency reduces PSO line losses and system loading, which lowers power plant fuel use and improves line & plant capacity.

Most utilities charge for reactive power to align their charges more closely to the cost of serving the customer. Reactive power is wasteful and can be corrected by the customer.

  1. Save money on your electric bill (by reducing your Reactive Power (KVAR) Charge)
  2. Can help delay electrical capacity upgrades in your facility?

Information about Reactive Power (KVAR) and reducing power factor costs can be obtained by reviewing the Department of Energy's fact sheet.

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