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Our quarterly newsletter sheds light on things you care about, like renewable energy, improving your business, saving money and what we're doing to serve you better.

PSO 2022 September Newsletter


Harnessing the Wind: How SWEP partnered with PSO WindChoice to achieve sustainability goals

Since 1983, SWEP, a subsidiary of the Dover Corporation, has been a global leader in the design and production of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs), a technology that reduces energy usage in a variety of heating, cooling, refrigeration, district energy, and industrial systems. Read More...

Three solutions to protect three-phase motors from single-phase conditions

The event of single phasing in a power system has the greatest impact on three-phase induction motors and their controllers. Most three-phase motors will continue to operate with power from only two phases, but will result in overheating and failure if not adequately protected. Read More...

How smart technology optimizes building operations to deliver maximum energy savings.

From smartphones and electronics to smart wearables, people are using technology to streamline, automate and synchronize everyday activities across multiple devices. Read More...

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