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Economic & Business Development

When your organization is ready to grow, our team of local and regional consultants can provide comprehensive site selection and electrical service solutions at no cost.

Way More Than a Utility Company, We Power Your Growth

You want to reduce risk and improve speed to market, so let’s talk about how we can work together to find solutions that match your ambitions.

By understanding the challenges your business faces, we can identify solutions that enable your organization to achieve its goals. Because we’re a utility company, we have the unique ability to identify growth opportunities from energy usage data, whether your business is manufacturing, industrial, commercial, governmental or institutional. Our economic and business development experts help plan projects based on your specific requirements for:

  • Energy Loads
  • Infrastructure
  • Labor
  • Sustainability

Take Your Project Idea To Reality

Power Your Site Selection

We live and work in America’s industrial core that stretches across 11 states. Besides energy experts, our site selection team includes former community leaders, economic development leaders, and state and city regulators. We can help coordinate site visits and set up introductions to business, community and government leaders to jump-start your growth. Our site selection consultants are ready to help, whether you are expanding your business, relocating a manufacturing facility or looking for energy expertise.

Accelerate Your Timeline

Fast-track your project and minimize risks by searching our AEP Quality Sites. These sites have extensive site documentation, and have been vetted and deemed ready specifically for data centers, industrial distribution centers, and food and beverage processing.

Rely on Proven Economic Development Expertise

What should you expect from a partner on your next project? Site options tailored to your target industry and region, infrastructure insights, up-to-date workforce data and regional business cost information based on comparative data and in-depth analyses. Economic and business development is more than finding an available building or vacant land. We employ more certified economic development specialists than any other utility and use our unique electricity infrastructure expertise to provide you with original insights that can be critical to your business success.

Access Abundant, Affordable and Reliable Energy

Utilize our advisory and procurement services to make informed decisions where local regulations allow you to choose your power supplier. Our energy services support your growth by helping you manage costs and improve productivity.

Fully Understand Your Options

Our support doesn’t stop there. Our team can also help you make better-informed business decisions with insights about:

  • Energy usage data
  • Energy market consulting
  • GIS mapping
  • Rate incentives

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