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Power PayTM Prepaid Electricity

Our Power PayTM program gives you the freedom to manage your future electric bills on your terms. With a Power PayTM account, you choose the amount you want to pre-pay and the method and frequency of your payments. We’ll deduct from your pre-funded account to pay for your usage, which is calculated daily. It’s a simple process that keeps you in control of your budget. Unlike our post-pay accounts, Power PayTM accounts do not require a deposit, a credit check or any reconnect fees. To sign up, call 844.769.7729.

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How Power PayTM Prepaid Electricity Works

With Power PayTM, we calculate your electric usage on a daily basis and deduct from your prefunded account, which is similar to a prepaid phone card. You choose the amount you want to pay, and the method and frequency of your payments. At the time you enroll, you will have the ability to select a balance threshold that goes as low as $10. If your balance falls below that amount, we will alert you. You will also be notified of all payments, pending disconnects, ongoing balance and days remaining, and many other available alerts via text and/or email. There is no charge if you accidently let your money run out. You would simply make payments that would ensure your Power PayTM balance remains positive.

  • Sign up by phone

    Call 844.769.7729 (1-844-POWRPAY) to sign up for Power PayTM and Mobile Alerts. One of our representatives will give you a quoted amount to pay to establish your account on Power PayTM.

  • Fund your account

    You will need a starting balance of $40.00 in your account. Once you’ve paid your quoted amount in person or online, we’ll activate your Power PayTM account and you'll receive a text or email confirmation.

  • Get helpful alerts

    Get daily balance and usage alerts, plus reminders when it's time to reload your balance.

  • Manage your account anytime

    Log in to check your Power PayTM balance, see recent payments, and manage low-balance alerts.

Five Great Reasons to Sign up for Power PayTM

  • Budget Control: Power PayTM lets you pay as you go. Instead of paying a monthly bill, Power PayTM allows you to pay in smaller amounts, many times through the month.

  • Stay Connected: Power Pay lets you keep the lights on while paying off a past due balance. If you have a past due balance, 20 percent of the prepay payment will apply to the carry-over balance while 80 percent will apply to upcoming electricity usage.

  • No Deposits: That's right. No deposit. We typically require a security deposit of $100 or more to establish service if you have no credit history with us. But if you’re a Power PayTM customer, we require no deposit and no credit checks. Just pre-pay for your electricity up front, then make payments on your terms. There is no contract required. You can switch back to post-pay when you want. And if you’ve previously paid a deposit on your existing account, that amount plus interest will be applied to your account and is included in your initial quoted amount to enroll.

  • Choose When You Pay: Pay when it's convenient for you – online or in person. You won't receive standard monthly electric bills. Instead you'll get a monthly summary of activity, plus periodic emails and text messages when your account balance is low. Pay as much or as little as you want. You pay the same electric rates per kilowatt-hour as your current home service with us.

  • No Surprises: Get daily emails or text messages with your current balance, how much energy you used yesterday, and approximately how many days of electricity you have remaining. Plus, when you log in to your account, you can check your balance and usage information, and manage your low-balance notifications.

Power PayTM Frequently Asked Questions

With a few rare exceptions, anyone with a qualifying smart meter, also known as an advanced metering infrastructure meter (AMI), is eligible to participate. You may be exempted from the program if you keep life support equipment in your home.
To enroll, you’ll need to call our Customer Solutions Center at 844.769.7729 (1-844-POWRPAY).
You’ll get the deposit back as a credit to your account. At the time of enrollment, your existing deposit will be applied to your current account balance. If there’s any balance remaining after that, it’ll be applied to the Power PayTM balance to begin using toward future electric use.
You’ll pay $40 to establish your account, regardless of whether you are a first-time customer or are already an established customer. If you have an established account, you’ll be allowed to carry over up to $1500 of your current balance. If you currently have a deposit on your account, it’ll be applied to your balance. If your balance exceeds $1500 after the deposit is applied, you must pay off the excess in order to get under the maximum $1500 carryover cap, plus $40 to enroll. With each future payment, 20 percent will be applied toward your carry-over balance and 80 percent will be applied to your upcoming usage until your carry-over balance is paid in full.
One of our Customer Solutions representative will quote an amount to pay to establish a Power PayTM account. You’ll have two business days to pay the quoted amount. Once the required amount is paid in full, your account will be established on Power PayTM.


You currently owe: $1,750
Est. usage from last bill read: $100
Less Deposit + Interest: -$150
Total: $1,700
Amount over $1,500 Cap: $200
Plus initial Power PayTM Balance: +$40
Total quoted Amount to Enroll: $240
Once sufficient payment is received, you’ll immediately receive a Power PayTM welcome alert (text and/or email), which means your account is now enrolled.

You can fund your Power PayTM account through any of our many payment channels. You can also pay by calling 800.611.0964 or using the online method above. Most payment channels will have a small convenience fee. You may also pay at one of the listed walk-up locations near you.

Remember, if you had an existing balance when you established your Power PayTM account, 20 percent of each payment will go against paying off your carry-over balance and 80 percent will be applied to your upcoming electricity usage.

Yes. Cash is accepted in person at our pay stations and kiosks. View a list of pay stations and kiosk locations near you.
Yes, we have a list of payment kiosks available in your area.
A monthly Power PayTM alert will be sent via text and/or email to let you know your statement is available to view online or by calling 844.769.7729 (1-844-POWRPAY). The notification and online statement will replace the traditional bill sent in the mail.
At the time of enrollment, you will have the ability to select the frequency and establish a balance threshold for when you’d like to be notified via text and/or email of your balance. Thresholds can be set as low as $10 and as high as $1,000. You can change your alert settings at any time online.
Simply log in to your account to add or change your alert preferences.
The minimum balance is $0.01 to prevent a disconnect.

Yes, to keep your balance at a manageable level you will continue being billed based on the average of your last 21 days of usage and receive daily Power Pay balance alerts while your power is out. It is recommended that you keep your Power Pay balance in a positive status during this time. Once your power is restored and active meter reads are available, normal billing will resume and your bill will automatically be trued-up the next business day.

For example, when a Power Pay account is in an active disconnect status or an account is turned off for other reasons such as storm outages, the kWh usage will be zero. During this time, your kWh usage will be estimated and billed based on the previous 21-day usage along with fixed costs that include a customer charge, taxes, fuel cost, and riders. Fixed charges are billed daily based on one-thirtieth (1/30) of the total fixed charges and will be subtracted from your daily Power Pay balance.

Look for low balance alerts and make sure you have a positive balance of at least one cent. Keep in mind, if you have a carryover amount, 20 percent of your payment will go toward that balance. If your account reaches a negative balance, you’ll receive a pending disconnect notice alert via text and/or email. You’ll then have until the next business day (approximately 24 hours) to fund your account.
To reconnect your account, simply make a payment ensuring a positive balance. There are no disconnection or reconnection fees for Power PayTM customers.
Reconnection occurs within 30 minutes of you funding your account to show a positive balance. If that doesn’t happen, call us at 844.769.7729 (1-844-POWRPAY).
Disconnections happen during the hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. You’ll not be disconnected on weekends, holidays or extreme weather days.
During extreme weather days, we will not turn your account off. You’ll continue getting balance alerts daily. Once the extreme weather alert is lifted, if your balance is still negative, the account will be disconnected without further notification.
Only if your balance is above zero.
You’ll continue to be billed at the same rate you were on at the time of enrollment unless you request an optional rate plan.
No. We have seasonal pricing. If you receive your electricity from us, regardless of whether you’re on Power PayTM or a standard billing plan, you pay an on-peak price from June 1 - October 31. So you should plan to fund your account differently during the cooling season to account for increased energy usage and on-peak pricing.
Yes. PowerHoursTM participants are eligible for Power PayTM.

There are two ways to donate to Light A Life. When you make a payment at an in-person payment location (not a kiosk), you can make a donation that is separate from your Power PayTM payment. You can find a list of in-person payment locations online or by calling 844.769.7729 (1-844-POWRPAY). You can also check the box on your monthly statement stub and mail it along with a check for your donation amount to:

American Electric Power
P.O. Box 371496
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7496
If you want more than one email address or phone number, just register another User ID for your electric account. Our website will let you create multiple User IDs for each electric account, and each User ID can have a different email address or mobile phone number.
You may carry over up to $1500 of your current balance at the time you enroll. You’ll pay any balance over $1500, plus $40, to enroll. If you currently have a deposit on your account, it’ll be applied to your balance. With each future payment, 20 percent will go against paying off your carry-over balance and 80 percent will be applied to your upcoming usage until the carry-over amount is paid in full.
Besides limiting the amount of large bills at the end of the lease, there are many other benefits of prepaid electricity for both property managers and renters. Please call us at 844.769.7729 (1-844-POWRPAY)" to find out how this program benefits landlords like you.

Our Power PayTM program does not require in-home devices to participate. As a Power PayTM participant with an AMI meter, you get online access to your monthly, daily, and hourly electric usage. You can compare bills year-to-year and month-to-month, and look at weather trends to help you manage your usage.

View your electric usage information online.

If you move, you’re able to remain on Power PayTM at your new address. Simply call 844.769.7729 (1-844-POWRPAY)" to transfer your service.
Simply call 844.769.7729 (1-844-POWRPAY)" to cancel your participation.

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