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Renewable Energy

Powering A Cleaner Future For Us All

What if we could reduce energy costs and pollution at the same time? Welcome to the world of renewable energy, where we produce power from sources that do not deplete. Sources like the wind, the sun, and our rivers. Here’s to renewable energy. Here’s to a cleaner future.

Harness the Power of Oklahoma Wind with WindChoice

Today, wind accounts for 24% of PSO’s energy mix, and you can help support renewable energy by participating in WindChoice.

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An average home that uses 1,200 kWh of energy per month, the cost to support wind power at 50% of the total energy usage would be $1.44.

For just a few extra dollars a month, you can be a part of the movement – creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment for us all. Together we can power more of the energy needed for homes and businesses with clean, reliable wind power. Participation is voluntary, and you can sign up for as little or as much WindChoice as you’d like.

When your home or business signs up, it encourages the production of wind energy in Oklahoma. See how PSO is continuing its commitment to clean energy.

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Here Comes the Sun

Turn sunlight into electricity that will power your whole house.

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Power That Will Blow You Away

See how we harness wind’s kinetic energy to produce electricity.

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Home-grown Wind Power

Let Oklahoma's abundant wind generate your electricity.

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