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Save with Time of Day Rates

Time of Day rates include two-tiers that reward you for using electricity wisely each year from June - October. Participants pay a lower rate for electricity used during off-peak hours and higher rates during on-peak hours.

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How Time of Day Works:

  • Available for PSO residential customers with an AMI meter.
  • You’ll pay a special, lower rate for electricity used during off-peak hours (when demand for electricity declines).
  • A higher rate applies to electricity used during on-peak hours (when demand for electricity is greatest).
  • Occurs during June - October. PSO’s standard rates apply the other months of the year.

Time of Day Rates

Time of Day (TOD) Rates Jun - Oct PSO Standard Residential Rates
On-peak (2 PM - 7 PM; M-F) 18.158¢

(First 1,350 kWh)

(All additional kWh)

Off-peak (7 PM - 2 PM; M-F plus all day on weekends) 3.7282¢
Get Paid to Participate in Peak Events PSO's Power Hours pays you for reducing energy use when energy demand is high. Get $50 when you enroll your Wi-Fi/Smart thermostat and $25 per participating thermostat at the end of the summer season.

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