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Our quarterly newsletter sheds light on things you care about, like renewable energy, improving your business, saving money and what we're doing to serve you better.

December Newsletter


Getting Ready for the Next Winter Storm

A sudden winter storm can damage your facility and interrupt operations. Plan ahead to minimize the effects of winter weather on your facility and ensure the safety of your staff. Before the next storm strikes, take the following steps to make sure that you are ready. Read More...

Beyond 2020: Wind Energy

This report provides a discussion of onshore and offshore wind farm equipment that is likely to be integrated into such a wind farm by 2030, if not before, through discussion of current and anticipated changes in these technologies. Follow-up reports will provide a deeper discussion of the technoeconomics of many of these individual components, whereas this report serves as a high-level introduction to the likely configuration for the typical onshore and/ or offshore wind farm of the near future. Read More...

How Electrification is Reshaping Business Operations

As companies look for opportunities to reduce carbon emissions while lowering costs, industrial and commercial businesses are rethinking how they use energy. From manufacturing processes and machinery to company fleet vehicles – electrification is transforming fundamental business operations. Read More...

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