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Oklahoma Corporation Commission Approves Fuel-Free Power Plan

May 5, 2023

TULSA, Okla. (May 5, 2023)  -- The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) approved on Thursday Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s (PSO) Fuel-Free Power Plan (FFPP), allowing PSO to add 995.5 megawatts of energy to its generation mix. As a result, PSO customers will see their monthly bills go down starting in early 2026.

“Approval of this agreement allows PSO to deliver needed electricity to customers, while reducing their energy bills. That’s a classic win-win scenario,” said PSO President and Chief Operating Office Leigh Anne Strahler. “We thank the Corporation Commissioners and all the parties in the case for their hard work, which will produce substantial benefits for our customers.”

For the average PSO residential customer who uses 1,100 kilowatt-hours/month, electric bills would initially rise 1.46% or $1.95 a month in mid-2025. When federal tax incentives and lower fuel costs become available in 2026, bills will go down $2.59, which is 64 cents lower than the current rates.

As a complement to PSO’s natural gas generation facilities, the FFPP’s three wind farms and three solar farms will provide reliable, affordable power for PSO customers.

Media Contact:                                                           

Wayne Greene

PSO Corporate Communications                                          

(918) 521-1474



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