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Okmulgee area project

With a constant eye on monitoring the electrical delivery system to customers, PSO identifies several projects throughout the year, based on data analytics, which can improve the reliability and resiliency of the grid. The customer focus for each project is to provide a higher level of service through implementation of new technology, system upgrades, and innovations to the power grid.

Communities Benefiting from Project:

Okmulgee area — 7,000 PSO customers

Project Benefit

PSO customers should see the number of outages decrease due to circuit faults and restoration times shortened when those outages do occur. Overall reliability and resilience of the power grid strength will be enhanced. Project Description: Installation of automation equipment and devices on PSO's electrical distribution grid and associated upgrades required to facilitate the transfer of electrical loading during outage situations. This project will benefit approximately 7,000 customers in the southeastern portion of PSO's service territory.


The project scope includes the installation of line switches, control equipment, communication equipment, and substation components on seven circuits sourced from PSO's Okmulgee City Substation, as well as associated power line upgrades necessary to automate the grid in this area. These components form a circuit reconfiguration scheme that monitors the flow of electrical current and automatically re-routes the flow of power to portions of the grid that are unaffected by the cause of a power outage and de-energizes the damaged portions of the grid. The process of automatically reconfiguring the distribution grid, known as "self-healing", creates substantial reliability and safety benefits for customers in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

This project was chosen based upon various factors, including past reliability performance and the characteristics of the existing electrical grid in the area to facilitate the deployment of this technology.
The majority of the work that is visible to customers is already completed and customers are currently benefiting from this work due to the installation of line switches and upgrades that are complete in the area. Customers will further benefit from this work as the communication equipment and substation equipment is complete.
Construction on this project began with the installation of smart switches on the distribution line earlier in 2020 and construction on the communication equipment and substation components is scheduled for completion early 2021.
Updates for this project will be provided when the project nears the completion date. As with many complex projects, the scope of completion can and will vary due to changing conditions in the field, weather incidents and/or other community needs.

Want to find out more about PSO in this project area?

Contact External Affairs Manager Frank Phillips for all local updates at 918.426.7922 or via email at fjphillips@aep.com. Media Inquiries contact Wayne Greene at 918.521.1474 or lwgreene@aep.com.

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