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2021 PSO Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) submitted its 2021 Integrated Resource Plan report with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission on October 29, 2021. The IRP is a 10-year plan that outlines the energy resources that PSO plans to secure to serve its existing and future customers. The IRP serves to inform the Commission and interested parties about the anticipated costs and other considerations of various resource options, as well as PSO's preferred plan. The plan does not commit to any specific investment decision, nor is it a commitment to a specific course of action. It is simply a snapshot of the future at a given point in time.

Stakeholder Engagement

PSO established a stakeholder engagement process, pursuant to OCC rules providing for broad participation in the planning or review process before the plan is submitted to the OCC. PSO’s three objectives for the stakeholder engagement process are:

  • Listen: Understand resource planning concerns and objectives of stakeholders.
  • Inform: Increase stakeholder understanding of the IRP process, key assumptions and the challenges facing PSO and the electric utility industry.
  • Consider: Provide a forum for productive stakeholder feedback at key points in the IRP process to inform PSO's resource planning decision making.

PSO held two technical meetings, the first being on September 21, 2021 and October 19, 2021, to review the details of the 2021 IRP. Both meetings were held virtually due to continued risks related to the COVID pandemic. A public meeting was held November 15, 2021. During the meeting, PSO provided an overview of utility objectives, assumptions, and estimated needs, and responded to questions. A summary of these Technical Conferences can be found in the 2021 PSO Integrated Resource Plan and the full transcripts from the meetings can be found in Exhibit H of the IRP’s Appendix.

Contact Information

Contact psocorpcomm@aep.com with comments or questions.

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