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PSO receives Environmental Award

October 19, 2022

Public Service Company of Oklahoma was honored with the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma’s Frank Condon Award for Environmental Excellence. 

Founded in 1991, the federation is a non-profit, pro-business organization that provides Oklahoma companies a voice in formulation and implementation of state and federal environmental laws, regulations, and policies. The award recognizes member companies or associates that have implemented innovative, voluntary, and effective environmental programs.

The award recognized PSO efforts in sustainability and energy efficiency. In 2019, PSO initiated an energy efficiency program targeting active oil and gas production wells in PSO’s service area. The program provides rebates and energy consulting services to improve operations by installing electric energy conservation measures and other non-energy environmental benefits.

To meet the customers’ needs, PSO developed a specific marketing plan with education and training, engineering resources beyond traditional programs, and evaluation services to ensure results.

The program provides rebates up to 75% of the cost of a variety of measures such as high-efficiency electric submersible pumps and motors and water shutoff controls. The measures reduce energy usage, improve efficiency and fluid production rates, increase equipment life, promote remote telemetry, and improve overall operational control.

During the 2019-21 cycle, PSO provided $600,601 in rebates to customers in the program and saved $420,000 on annual electric bills for the reduction of 5.3 million kilowatt-hours and 583 kilowatts per year.

As a result of the program, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide emissions were reduced. The program also resulted in significant water savings.

Based on the program’s success, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission has approved its renewal for 2022-24.


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