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Power Your home with 100% Home-Grown Oklahoma Wind Power

It makes more sense than ever: harnessing Oklahoma's abundant wind to generate electricity. It conserves non-renewable resources for other uses. It helps protect our natural environment. And it’s good for the economy.

Now, with WindChoice, you can put Oklahoma wind to work in your home or business for just a few dollars a month.

Enroll your home or business today by signing into your account or by calling us at 888.PSO.1367, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may also e-mail WindChoice@aep.com for more information.

WindChoice Calculator

WindChoice cost: $0.0032

Estimated monthly WindChoice cost $0.00

Make WindChoice Work For You

  • You decide how much WindChoice you want, up to 100 percent.
  • We purchase a corresponding amount of wind power renewable energy certificates (REC).
  • The WindChoice cost of $.0032 per kWh is added as a line item to your bill. For a typical home that uses 1,100 kWhs of energy per month, enrolled in 50% WindChoice, the WindChoice cost would be about $1.76 per month.
  • Each megawatt of clean wind power that's generated is one less megawatt that has to be generated using fossil fuels.

WindChoice is a great way to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.

Four Great Reasons to Enroll in WindChoice

Going green is easy with WindChoice. For just a few dollars each month, you are helping our communities reduce our carbon footprint, creating a brighter future for all of us. Here’s why you should enroll.

The Environment
According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind energy delivered 168 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of power to American homes and businesses in 2013, resulting in 96 million fewer metric tons of CO2 emissions across the country. That’s a reduction of 4.4%, equal to taking over 16 million cars off the road. The few extra dollars you spend with WindChoice each month contribute to this positive impact, creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment for all.

The Local Economy
The renewable energy resources used to supply our WindChoice Program are located in Oklahoma. Your participation in WindChoice supports Oklahoma's wind industry.

Use of Oklahoma Energy Resources
By choosing WindChoice, you’re showing that there’s a market for clean, renewable Oklahoma wind power, which will help spur the growth of Oklahoma’s wind power industry. Your support helps encourage further production of wind energy in Oklahoma, positioning our state to remain a leader in the industry.

Environmentally Friendly Business
If you own a business, WindChoice is a great way to demonstrate your support for the environment. Ask about the recognition your business can receive by participating in the program.

If we provide electricity to your home, you can sign up for as much or as little WindChoice as you wish. You’ll pay approximately $0.0032 cents extra for every kilowatt hour purchased through WindChoice. You can designate up to 100 percent of your monthly usage to WindChoice. We’ll purchase a corresponding amount of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) representing wind energy created here in Oklahoma.

WindChoice will simply be added as a separate line item on your monthly bill. After the initial 12-month period, you will be automatically re-enrolled unless you notify us of your wishes to withdraw from the program.

Your financial support of WindChoice supports Oklahoma wind generation, replacing power that would’ve otherwise been produced from traditional resources (coal and natural gas) with clean and renewable wind energy.

Participating in WindChoice is one way for your company to show support for clean energy, Oklahoma's economy, and a sustainable future.

Also, it’s easy! You can purchase as much or as little WindChoice as you want by designating a percentage of your monthly usage, up to 100 percent.

Each percentage of wind choice that is purchased will simply be added as a separate line item to your monthly bill. Each kilowatt hour of energy purchased through WindChoice will add approximately $0.0032 cents to your bill – dramatically less than other renewable options.

Your financial support of WindChoice will support Oklahoma wind generation, replacing power that would’ve otherwise been produced from traditional resources (coal and natural gas) with clean and renewable wind energy.

We want you to get the credit you deserve for being an environmentally responsible business owner. After one year of participation in WindChoice at 100 percent, your business can benefit from our WindChoice Leadership Program.

Ask us about the following benefits:

  • Premier recognition on website with link to your business
  • Window cling / decal
  • Authorized use of WindChoice logo on business materials and website
  • Authorized use of WindChoice web icon for website, social media, and other online placements
  • Press release template to announce participation in WindChoice
  • Featured success story on our website, social media accounts, and in the “Watt, Why & How” e-newsletter

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