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Grid Solutions

It’s important to deliver low-cost power, reliable energy sources, data and insights to your business.

Achieve Your Goals With a Proven Partner

Together, with our regulated companies and our other, non-regulated affiliates we can provide up-to-date information about energy options related to buying, managing or utilizing low-cost energy for existing operations or new projects. Our unique, data-based insights allow us to recommend customized solutions for energy supplies, distributed resources and renewable sources that can help customers like you ensure consistent and reliable power.

The Energy Source You Can Trust

You need greater control of your energy solutions. The detailed analyses and insights we derive from our data and research can give it to you. Access distributed energy supplies and low-cost electricity by utilizing our knowledge of existing and emerging markets and technologies across the United States.

How do we do it? Our experts work alongside your team and take a holistic approach to:

  • Commodity sourcing and strategy
  • Sustainability in renewables
  • Efficiency and technology
  • Utility optimization

Together, we analyze all the data to tailor a complete energy solution for your company, institution or governmental organization.

Control Costs and Optimize Energy Use

Efficiently and effectively manage energy consumption and costs by engaging our team of local and national experts. We work alongside your team to help you stay on top of market trends in solar, wind, combined heat and power, energy storage, fuel cells and waste heat recovery. These insights will help your organization to make informed business decisions and achieve goals.

Better Data to Optimize Energy Use

Discover operating issues using our data and analysis. We also help you identify and prioritize energy savings opportunities based on your business needs and the latest market insights.

Expand Your Energy Supply Options

In certain locations, customers can select their energy supplier. Where local regulations give you a choice, you can lower energy costs by using our low-cost energy plans and our sourcing (generation and distribution) services for electricity and gas. Partner with us to explore your options.

Locate Renewable Energy

Many organizations are setting ambitious sustainability goals. You can achieve yours by first understanding your renewable energy options through market intelligence and insights. We can then tailor a renewable energy plan based on your location and renewable energy goals.

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