WindChoice FAQ

What Is WindChoice?

WindChoice is a voluntary renewable energy program that provides eligible residential and business customers the opportunity to purchase 100% Oklahoma wind power for their homes or businesses.

With PSO's WindChoice program you can purchase part or all of your monthly electricity from this wind resource — in 100 kilowatt-hours blocks or as a percentage of your total monthly billed usage (kWh). The extra cost to purchase 50% wind energy for an average home is approximately $5.50. (The average PSO residential customer uses 1,100 kilowatt-hours per month.)

Why should I buy WindChoice?

When you sign up for WindChoice you're showing your support for Oklahoma's fast-growing wind energy industry, which will play an important role in our nation's energy future as we move toward greater energy independence, less dependence on fossil fuels, and less impact on the environment from energy production. Not only does your enrollment show that there is a market for clean, renewable wind energy, but it adds to the collective positive impact this movement is having on our environment. Nationwide, the use of wind energy has had the equivalent impact of removing 16 million cars off the road.

Where does WindChoice power come from?

WindChoice is powered by wind turbines in Minco, Oklahoma. We have signed a multi-year contract to purchase wind power from these Minco turbines specifically for the WindChoice program. When you purchase WindChoice, you pay for pure, home-grown Oklahoma wind power - replacing electricity generated through the use of traditional fossil fuel resources.

How will WindChoice affect my monthly PSO bills?

Your WindChoice enrollment will affect your bill differently based on which plan and at what level you sign up. The chart below compares four scenarios for a residential customer who uses 1,000 kWh:

Bill Comparison Sample

For a typical customer using 1,000 kWh per month, on Tariff 015 – Residential Service:

WindChoice Amount: None 2 Blocks 50% 100%
Rate Billing $87.52 $81.22 $71.76 $56.00
WindChoice $ - $8.80 $22.00 $44.00
Franchise Fee @ 2%* $1.75 $1.80 $1.88 $2.00
City Tax @ 3.1% $2.77 $2.85 $2.96 $3.16
County Tax @ .917% $0.82 $0.82 $0.82 $0.82
Current Electric Charges Due $92.86 $95.48 $99.42 $105.98
Extra cost of WindChoice participation: $0 $2.62 $6.56 $13.12
Energy purchased from wind: 0  kwh 200 kwh 500 kwh 1000 kwh
Energy from traditional sources: 1,000 kwh 800 kwh 500 kwh 0 kwh
WindChoice Amount: None
Rate Billing$87.52
WindChoice$ 0
Franchise Fee @ 2%*$1.75
City Tax @ 3.1%$2.77
County Tax @ .917%$0.82
Current Electric Charges Due$92.86
Extra cost of WindChoice participation:$0
Energy purchased from wind:0 kwh
Energy from traditional sources:1,000 kwh
WindChoice Amount: 2 Blocks
Rate Billing$81.22
Franchise Fee @ 2%*$1.80
City Tax @ 3.1%$2.85
County Tax @ .917%$0.82
Current Electric Charges Due$95.48
Extra cost of WindChoice participation:$2.62
Energy purchased from wind:200 kwh
Energy from traditional sources:800 kwh
WindChoice Amount: 50%
Rate Billing$71.76
Franchise Fee @ 2%*$1.88
City Tax @ 3.1%$2.96
County Tax @ .917%$0.82
Current Electric Charges Due$99.42
Extra cost of WindChoice participation:$6.56
Energy purchased from wind:500 kwh
Energy from traditional sources:500 kwh
WindChoice Amount: 100%
Rate Billing$56.00
Franchise Fee @ 2%*$2.00
City Tax @ 3.1%$3.16
County Tax @ .917%$0.82
Current Electric Charges Due$105.98
Extra cost of WindChoice participation:$13.12
Energy purchased from wind:1000 kwh
Energy from traditional sources:0 kwh

* Fees and taxes may be different in your area

If I sign up, will my home or business receive electricity generated from renewable energy?

PSO guarantees that it will use your WindChoice dollars to purchase a corresponding amount of wind power to replace traditional energy in the power mix. Although it would be impossible to keep WindChoice energy separate on the power grid and deliver it to specific homes and businesses, your subscription to WindChoice ensures that your dollars are being spent on renewable wind power rather than traditional fossil fuels.

Why is PSO offering a voluntary renewable energy product?

Like many of our customers, PSO believes renewable energy will continue to play an important role in the future of our industry. We are also pleased to offer choices to our customers whenever possible, and WindChoice is a perfect way for customers to opt in to alternative fuels.

As a consumer, how can I be assured that the energy is from environmentally friendly resources?

WindChoice power is generated at a wind farm in Minco, Oklahoma. The production of this power creates no air or water pollution, uses no water in the generation of electricity and allows land to remain in agricultural use.

Although PSO does not own any wind farms, it purchases its wind power from wind farm developers and owners through long-term purchase power contracts. As a purchaser of renewable energy, over the last several years PSO has included requirements in our standard purchase contracts that are intended to evaluate and minimize the impact of wind farm development on wildlife. PSO requires that the wind farm developer conduct wildlife studies and require that they follow the USFWS Land based wind energy guidelines. We also require the developers certify that the facility was sited outside the Audubon Society designated “Important Bird Areas.” These are higher standards than is currently required to build a wind farm in Oklahoma and is a demonstration that PSO works to instill responsible development practices by our counterparties and the wind industry.

Who is eligible for WindChoice?

WindChoice is available to PSO’s residential, commercial and industrial customers - including municipalities, governmental organizations, school districts and educational institutions. You are eligible for WindChoice if you have not had two or more disconnect notices in the past 12 months and have not been disconnected for non-payment. If a participating WindChoice customer becomes delinquent in payments, PSO may terminate the WindChoice option with a 30-day notice.

Are there special WindChoice benefits for Commercial and Industrial customers?

The WindChoice Leadership Program recognizes businesses of all sizes who opt in to WindChoice at a 50% or higher level. In addition, the PSO team will work with your business to meet any renewable energy goals you may have. Contact us at for more information.

Can I discontinue WindChoice after I sign up?

Yes. When you sign up for WindChoice, you can opt out at any time. However, if you unenroll before one year from the time you sign up, you will not be eligible to sign up for WindChoice again for 12 months.

How do I sign up for WindChoice?

Eligible customers can sign up online – or by calling our Customer Operations Center, toll-free: 1-888-PSO-1367. When you sign up for WindChoice, you are enrolled for one year, although you can cancel at any time. You will be automatically re-enrolled in WindChoice each year unless you cancel.

Non-residential customers with multiple accounts, please contact your customer service representative for assistance. Commercial and Industrial customers, please contact your PSO Account Manager.

Are there other sustainable and green projects for my home or business?

PSO offers a wide array of energy efficiency programs for homes and business. Click here for more information.

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